Yellowstone Aflame: 20th Anniversary Collectors Edition<br />DVD

Yellowstone Aflame: 20th Anniversary Collectors Edition

Item#: 327202



COMPLETE FIRE STORY - Before, During & After Digitally re-mastered for amazing picture and sound quality, this fast-paced DVD presents Yellowstone before, during and after the Great Yellowstone Fires of 1988 and lets you learn the complete fire story. Discover the ecological role of fire and learn how it burned nearly a million acres of trees yet gave birth to a new cycle of growth.


Through spectacular footage taken during the fires, see and hear the awesome phenomena of America’s greatest forest fire. Yellowstone Aflame is not only the best, most exciting fire video available, it offers valuable insight into the extreme conditions that led to the fires and explores important ecological changes in the park. Play time is 53 minutes.
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